Welcome to Spruceland Baptist Church!

Meets at:

965 LaSalle Avenue,

Prince George

-New Church Facilities-

Sundays Preaching Services

Morning Service 10:45 am

Evening Service

6:30 pm


Thursday at 7:00 pm

At Spruceland Baptist Church you will find:

Strong Bible Teaching and Preaching

We believe the preaching of the Bible to be God’s ordained method
of pointing people to Christ.

A Lively and Evangelistic Song Service

Music with a Clear Message

The special music and congregational singing are unmistakably songs of praise to God and of His salvation through Jesus Christ.

Compassion for All

Genuinely Friendly Atmosphere

We here at Spruceland Baptist Church truly care about you and your family. We desire to be used of God to be a blessing to you.

Going with the Gospel

Active Outreach Programs

Our ministry extends throughout the City of Prince George in the form of :
  • Free Bible Studies
  • Transportation
  • S.O.S – Sowing On Saturday
  • And much more

Why not visit Spruceland Baptist Church this Sunday?

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